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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most important eSports games in the world. This multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game started in 1999 and has since taken the world by storm. Today, more than half a million players are playing the game online at any given hour!

One of the offshoots of this popular CS:GO universe is CS:GO betting. In essence, it is an online casino where you bet with Steam CS:GO items. In this guide, we will give you a quick introduction of how this works and where to play.

What Is CS:Go Gambling?

Instead of cash, you gamble with your Steam CS:GO items like skins. Besides providing CS:GO players a break from shooting and a different type of fun, CS:GO gambling lets players try their luck and get awesome skins.

You could potentially boost your Steam collection with higher-value items without paying real cash! For example, if you have a bunch of skins and want a high-value knife worth more than your skins, you can dabble in CS:GO gambling and try and win the knife.

You fund your account by depositing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins into a site. Each site will ask that you log-in using your Steam account. Then, you get tickets or coins for the value that your items have.

A skin that is valued at $100 on the Steam Marketplace would give you roughly 100 coins to play with.  Each CS:GO gambling site then values your items using proprietary algorithms and SteamAnalyst’s prices, and gives you coins to play with.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites: Top 5

Before we begin, let me explain how we ranked these sites. As CS:GO gamblers ourselves, there are few factors that we look out for when visiting a new site.

  • Fast and safe withdrawals—We tested the withdrawal processes to make sure that they work as promised. You may also want to check the fees for depositing and withdrawing before joining.
  • Fair gambling—Whether you’re playing for free or with items of your own, it is no fun to play at a rigged casino.
  • Free coins and bonus codes available—These are the promotional offers for new players.
  • How prices of items are determined—Some sites do not accept items below a certain price level or items with volatile prices. In addition, some sites apply a discount level onto lower-value items to maintain the item flow in their site.
  • Types of games on offer—There are multiple types of games that you can play at a CS:GO gambling site, including roulette, crash, dice, coin-flip and CS:GO match betting.
SiteWhy we love this site?
1CSGOFastLarge site with thousands of players daily. These players are drawn by the site’s large variety of games, fun giveaways and most importantly, very quick withdrawals.
2CSGO-CaseCSGO-Case started with case opening games. Today, the site has one of the largest game portfolios around. You can dabble in over 10 different games, including roulette, crash, mines and dice.
3CSGORollCSGORoll offers free coins every day! You can spin either one of its three wheels for a chance to up to 10,000 coins. The game selection is also nice and varied, giving you lots of ways to spend those free coins.
4CSGOExclusiveThis site specializes in roulette. Instead of the classic wheel and mat set-up in regular casinos, this site employs a simple and modern version. With just four bet sizes and an active chatbox, you’ll be hooked!
5CSGOEmpireThis site’s signature attraction is the King of Coins tournament. In essence, all players on the site enter a monthly, weekly and daily leaderboard to win prizes. There are $100,000 worth of items to be won each month and it’s no surprise tens of players flock to the site.

CSGO Gambling Websites – Game Categories


You deposit skins into a pot and a timer starts a countdown. The more you deposit, the higher your chances of winning.


Roulette is a timeless casino classic. Players get to wager on either red, black or green; or on a certain number. If the ball lands on the spot that you selected, you’ll win following the odds of your bet.


This game format is similar to a scratchcard. You open cases to win a random item from the market. The price for the case differs every second and some sites offer different types of cases. There are “high-risk, high-profit” cases, cases with guaranteed good skins as well as 50:50 cases. Just as with any gambling, you should always stop opening cases once you get a profit!


You bet on a multiplier that keeps rising during the game. Your objective is to press “Cashout” before the graph crashes, while staying on for as long as possible to maximize your payout. This simple premise is incredibly fun and risky game. Beginners should definitely test out the game with free coins first and analyze the crash history, etc.

CS:GO match betting

CS:GO betting is similar to mainstream sports betting. Just as you would bet on a football team to win, lose or draw, you’d bet on either the Terrorists or Counter Terrorists to win the match-up. You’d make bets based on different odds, which typically reflect the strength of the team based on their historical win-loss record. You can bet on individual Maps as well as on the overall match.

There are many large competitions to bet on (FACEIT, ECS, ELEAGUE, ESL Pro League and the most prestigious of all, CS:GO Major). You can also bet on smaller and more regular online and offline events. To learn more about CS:GO betting, check out this course guide.

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